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Alice in Wonderland App is NOT “An Adventure Beyond the Mirror.”

Don't you just hate applications with unnecessarily long titles.  It's like the app is too happy with itself to just go for the honest-to-God basics.  Or the company who makes it just doesn't really care.

I tend to think the latter is the case with "Alice in Wonderland - An Adventure Beyond the Mirror," Disney's latest effort to create a synergistic marketing machine using the iPhone in conjunction with the recently released Tim Burton film "Alice in Wonderland."  This game, from what I can see, plays mostly like a commercial for the movie, and badly so.  There is very little effort put into graphics or controls, and the game seems simple and lackluster…an excuse to throw in everyone's favorite characters to remind them how much they want to buy the DVD.  I hate this kind of thing.  Come on…you're Disney.  Show a little class.

You can buy Alice in Wonderland HERE

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