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ScoreIconThis year my son started competitive Little League baseball.  I was asked to be scorekeeper for the team, so naturally the first thing I did was check to see if there was "an app for that."  What I found is an amazingly powerful application that is polished with every imaginable feature.  There are so many great things about this app I don't know where to begin.

Scrore0iScore Baseball by Faster Than Monkeys really has this whole thing figured out--it's flawless.  Every possible situation I have run into while scoring a game has an in-app option.  Little League games have all kinds of different rules--like a 6 run per inning cap and a 1:20 minute game time limit--that I thought for sure would throw a wrench in the scoring and tracking.  Nothing has caused any problems.

The interface design is excellent.  Everything is in a natural place on screen that allows for a very smooth flow from one screen to the next. Scoring a game? Check. It's got it covered from all angles.

But it gets better.  Faster Than Monkeys have a web component built in, too: Twitter cast and iScorecast. Twitter cast updates your account with play by play tweets. Pretty cool for Grandpa who lives in Texas.  iScorecast takes all the data and uploads it to  I usually send all the parents the link with the login info after the game so they can have the entire game replayed online with sound effects and everything.  One more great thing they added is the ability to back up your database to their website.  So in the event of a phone disaster you will have a backup of all your stats.


And that's what it's all about: Stats, stats, stats!  iScore Baseball can generate an amazing amount of info, and it looks good, too. After every game I email out game stats and cumulative stats for the team.  Along with a great looking informational email, it sends .csv, .pdf and .xls files.  So pretty much every format is accounted for.  The scorecard PDFs it creates are great, and all the data is presented in the standard scorecard format--but the use of colors makes for a far superior scorecard than the usual pencil and paper.  At the end of the year I will be able to make player cards with all the stats for each of the kids, making me look like a hero to the players and parents alike.

Really I can't say enough great things about this app.  I am very happy to see such a polished app outside the video game category.  Apps like this make my iPhone so much more than your typical "mobile device."  Is it worth $4.99?  Yes.  No doubt about it at all.

You can buy iScore Baseball HERE

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