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Soundgrid - I've got no rhythm.

SG_HDRSG_ICNI love playing around with apps that make you lose all track of time. That's when you know it's a killer app. Well, Soundgrid from MIFKI is that app. I'm far from a musician but I find myself creating music loops OVER and OVER. I cannot believe how much power is packed into this $1.99 application.

The ability to create loops in a matrix style sequencer, add effect delays and resonant filters REALTIME on a phone, is mindblowing. The interface is easy to learn with the provided tutorial from the developer and the sound quality is excellent. The developer is promising some kick-butt features in the future such as the ability to export your loop to an MP3 and the ability to do live recordings.

[Video Review by Mr. Pence]

I think the coolest feature of Soundgrid is the ability to share your creation with other Soundgrid users in a easy to use community share option. This is by far the coolest music application that I have seen on the iTunes app store and it also gives me the illusion that I have a secondary career in music. It will be the best $1.99 you've spent on app. BTW, Mr. Pence has some SERIOUS loops in the community forum. Did I mention you lose all track of time while playing with this app?

You can buy Soundgrid HERE.

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Reader Comments (2)

Author posted screenshot of next ver I think it will look really good. Also it seems there will be 'song mode' to autoadvance to next pattern. Together with direct export to SoundCloud this looks very promising.

July 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMark

Thanks for pointing this app out. It looks fantastic and is on my short list of apps to get. If you had fun reviewing this one, I have a request... could you review FingerBeat. Looks very interesting as well. Just wondering what your opinion would be on this app plus whether or not it would be good for those with not much musical talent :-)

July 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPhil

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