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Wordulous - Geek Speak for Fabulous.

WORDULOUS_HDRWORDULOUS_ICNIf you're into word games like Scrabble, Boggle or word anagram puzzles you will have a blast playing Wordulous from developer 99games -- author of another great word game, WordsWorth. And at only 99 cents it's a great value, too. Wordulous requires iPhone software 2.1 or higher and is also compatible with iPod Touch.

• Engaging game play with 3 exciting modes to choose from: Practice, Examination and Challenge mode
• 35 levels of game play
• Detailed tutorial to help you learn how to play the game
• Smooth controls to maximize your gaming pleasure
• Unlock bonus rounds (by correctly entering an anagram using all of the letters displayed)
• Global and Local leader boards with weekly, monthly and all-time high scores
• Turn off the game music and listen to tunes from your iPod while you try to beat the clock
• Choose to play with either 6 or 7 letter tiles, depending on the degree of difficulty you prefer
• Choose the color of the background and chalk used
• Your choice of three different word lists: SOWPODS (267,000 British and American words), TWL (179,000 American words), ENABLE (173,000 North American words).

WORDULOUS2In Practice mode the goal is to make as many words as you can from all of the letters provided, no time limit. Once you’re familiar with how the game works, you can try your hand at the Examination mode. The game play is the same as in practice mode, with the notable exception that now you’re also racing to beat the clock and get the highest score possible in three minutes. Challenge mode allows you to match up against your friends from Facebook or your phone contact list. One is rewarded with points for correct word entries.  But, be aware that you are penalized for incorrect words, as well.  Correctly entering an anagram using all of the available letters will unlock a bonus level, a trivia question with the letters of the answer scrambled.  Simply rearrange the letters to form the correct answer and get some bonus points.

WORDULOUS3I have long been a huge fan of the Nintendo DS Brain Age game for its word anagram puzzles.  If there is one thing I’m not a fan of with regard to Wordulous, it’s that the puzzles include words not commonly used by the average person (ex: ags or goa --- I don’t even know what those words mean, and the only reason I got those in the puzzle was that out of pure exasperation I started randomly entering letters). Yet, even with the added difficulty of uncommonly used words, I still really, really like this game.  And I love the option to compare your scores globally with other users, something that the Brain Age DS game doesn’t offer, to my knowledge --- and if I’m wrong on that, do me a favor and keep it to yourself.  My husband will tell you I’m never wrong!!!

You can buy Wordulous HERE.

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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks a lot for the review. Glad you enjoyed this game. If you feel the words are not commonly used ones, You can change the word list to the one that best suits you.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot more then. :)


June 30, 2009 | Unregistered Commenter99Games

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