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Bump: The future!

I used to joke with my friends, saying "Technology is moving so fast, soon you'll be able to just touch your cell phone to mine, and all my contact info will be transferred."

That day is here.

That's right, Bump is leading the quick-contact-exchange revolution.  It's a free app, and definitely worth a quick look.

img_00021So, say you're at a business meeting.  You need to exchange contact info.  Business cards are always lost, and typing info into your phone is always time consuming and awkward.

Turns out, though, both you and your contact have iPhones.  And you both have Bump installed.  

Launch the app, making sure you have an internet connection.  Wi-fi, 3G, or edge will all work.  Then you knock fists with your new buddy.  After about ten seconds of processing, the other person's contact info appears on your screen.  Confirm that you want to save it, and it goes into your address book.

How ridiculously cool is that?

Now, the bumping of hands really isn't doing anything.  The app uses the GPS of the iPhone to find two "bumping" phones close to each other, and the fist-banging does little more than make sure you both ping the network at the same time.  Once you do, your contact info (set up by you, beforehand--pulled straight from your address book), is uploaded to the Bump server.  Then it's transferred to the other phone...via internet.  There's no need to join wifi networks or sync settings.  

This one, should enough people download it, could be a huge time saver.  If I had a dime for all the business cards I misplaced or put through the wash, I'd have a lot of dimes.  This makes sure important people stay in your address book.

Then when you sync your phone, they are in your computer contacts.  It really does feel like the future.

The only issue on this one is penetration.  When will enough people have this on their phone to be practical?  Soon, I hope.  Because this is an idea whose time has come.  We have the technology.

The future is now.

Get Bump HERE.

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