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iqualizer_icon_smallEvery now and then I will download an app that is absolutely useless, just because it looks cool. iQualizer is that app today.

It’s a visual equalizer that works with the microphone input of your iPhone. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with iTunes, just your mic. Apple has restricted that particular part of the programming to developers. I’m guessing Apple is working on their own visual equalizer that works with your iTunes library on the iPhone.

According to the developer, you can pinch to adjust the sensitivity of the equalizer or swipe up to adjust colors.  This is why I downloaded it, because I wanted to show it off to my friends. (Actually, I don’t have any friends, just three hostages in bondage that only get water and food when they motion “cool” to my new app with their singe unbound hand.)

Guess what, the pinch and the equalizer interactivity is only in the FULL $1.99 version.

What? $1.99?

OK, the one equalizer in the lite version is cool. But, $1.99 for interactivity and more equalizers? This ain’t no Spore, this is a visual equalizer!

iQualizer is cool for about five minutes, the visuals are impressive. I just wish I could interact with them.


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Wow, nice video review

December 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChris Johnson

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